Monday 24 September 2012

Before I fly off to Spain for the week ...

6:12am in the Dummy Fairy Workshop.
Just dedicating some quiet time to finishing off an extra special Magical Bits 'n' Bobs Kit for a little 4 yr old girl in Enfield.  It always overwhelms me when I hear parents are so anxious about making this journey with their child.  I just want to reach through my computer to where they are, give them a reassuring hug and tell them "It's going to be OK".
I love The Dummy Fairy Workshop.  I love that it gives the child a focus during this process and makes the journey that little bit more magical.

Have a great day.

Sunday 2 September 2012

The Dummy Fairy loves FLASH

It's so nice to find a quiet hour to sit down and dedicate some time to updating The Dummy Fairy Workshop website.  My head is so preoccupied with ways of making my site accessible to Mac users.  Come on Apple!   Get the flash issue resolved.  You're killing me!  :-)