Tuesday 14 August 2012

This morning I received a lovely testimonial from a client in Denmark.
It makes me day to know that my business is helping parents find the fun in this sometimes stressful process.  This little poppet lived in Denmark.
Ali :-)

"I just wanted to thank you so much for The Dummy Fairy Workshop :o)  
Sofia was SO dependent on her dummies I was actually too frightened to take them away, but on Sunday evening we did it!!  What a success... I will definitely be ordering a pack for Olivia.
I am just over the moon and so proud of her.  She does ask now and again for a dummy and I just say remember the babies have them now and she says 'oh ok then'.  Phew before she would scream down the house if I said dummies are for bed time!  We had a great time with the fairy dust and running round the house checking under all the beds and units making sure we didn't miss any :o) 
Olivia is only 11 months - but I can assure you I will not be waiting until she is almost 3 this time.  Wish I had done it months ago with Sofia.
Many thanks, Kathryn"

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