Monday 21 May 2012

Hey peeps,

Today The Queen of the Dummy Fairies is getting techy and updating bits n bobs on the new website.  Connecting all of ones social networks is almost as difficult as ditching the dummy... maybe I should come up with some magical products to help us understand all of this technical jargin?

Very inspired.  All of my new artwork is coming together and the flyers are being produced.  My dentist will soon be advertising The Dummy Fairy Workshop in their reception area, which is really amazing.  It is a wonderful tool for dentists to use as it's a tender subject to raise with parents.  One doesn't want to come across as being judgemental of parenting choices.  Millions of children have dummies.  Mine did.  They're not suffering.  There is a time however to get rid of the little sucker.

I love my business and love my role as The Queen of the Dummy Fairies.

Have a great day.

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