Wednesday 16 May 2012

Welcome to The Dummy Fairy Workshop.

If you're reading this, you may be at the stage that I was at with my little boy Nathaniel a few years ago. Removing a dummy (or any other form of comforter) from a screaming toddler is no fun for any caring parent. We think we have the answer!

What would Christmas be without the anticipation of Santa's arrival down the chimney? Although I believed in The Dummy Fairy, I felt the process lacked a certain sparkle. I decided to borrow a sprinkle of fairy dust from Father Christmas, analyse its DNA, and clone it and hurl it with love at The Dummy Fairy. It worked.

The Dummy Fairy Workshop was created to help you and your child find the fun in the task you're about to face. Sometimes, all it takes is a few Magical Bits 'n' Bobs for the child and a sprinkle of encouragement for the parents, in order for each of you to have the confidence to take this milestone journey together.

It's not just about ditching the dummy. It's a celebration and acknowledgement of our little ones growing up. These moments are so very precious. We've done all the creative stuff, so you can simply take a deep breath, jump on board and enjoy the ride.

It's Fun. It's Easy. It's Magical.   IT'S TIME!!!

I hope our website inspires you to make this important decision for your child. Visit Our Workshop page to understand a little more about our concepts and beliefs. You will learn more about our products on our Magical Bits 'n' Bobs page and then you Make It Personal for them. All you have to do is think of an extra special treat to compliment our Bits 'n'n Bobs. In a little over a week, you and your child will be dummy free!

I am honoured to have adopted the title of HRH Queen of The Dummy Fairies and am pleased to be of service to families who need my help. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more information on our products.

Best of Fairy Wishes,
Alison Sarah

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